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Is Google Play Store/ Android Store coming?

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  • Is Google Play Store/ Android Store coming?

    Hello everyone! I have used French Girls since its release and am loving it. The updates have been very innovative and I admire the hard work put into the app, however there is something I am wondering about! (I wasn't sure if this should be posted in the additions/feature requests so I just put in in General Discussion.)

    I'm wondering if this app will be available for other stores rather than just the app store! I have an HP Laptop that is touch-screen and works great with a stylus, but I only saw a French Girls drawing viewer in the Google play store. Will this app be coming to other operating systems? Please explain why or why not

    Thanks for a great and lovely app,


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    Ethan, thanks for the post.

    In full transparency, we are a small team doing everything we can to make the iOS version grow. As we grow the audience of the iOS app, we'll be able to expand the team and get Android out ASAP. We're hoping to have it out by mid summer 2015 if that helps, but unfortunately I can't make any guarantee.

    We literally have thousands of people who have emailed us directly, which means there's tens of thousands of people who are waiting for us to deliver. We're excited at the opportunity to deliver.


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      Hi, this is a good version here and you can carefull because the new policies is grow. Thanks and regards
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