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  • Contacting a commission

    Whats up guys, new to the forum posting side of things, but had a question I need some help with. I snuck in and got a spot on The_squid_girls commission, but she does so many different characters that I don't know how to reach out to her for what I was hoping to achieve. Does someone have her e-mail address, or a way you can pass the word along somehow? I am trying to avoid doing this over the comment section of a draw. I just purchased it a few minutes ago, so I'm not sure if her norm is to reach out or not.

    Thanks again all you terrific people you.


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    When I commissioned SquidGrill I contacted her via Instagram for what I was looking for. I just looked for her on there and I think she may have deleted her account. Hmm. I would say try to comment on something of hers on FG. Sorry I'm not the biggest help!


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      Thanks. I ended up commenting on a drawing someone did, so I guess we will see.

      Thanks again I appreciate it