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Premium Drawings F.A.Q.

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  • Premium Drawings F.A.Q.

    This topic will be updated regularly based on the questions asked by our users through the forum and support (

    Premium Drawings F.A.Q.


    How do I distinguish between a regular drawing and a premium drawing?

    A premium drawing of a premium selfie has a premium star next to it in any feed within French Girls.

    How do I distinguish between a regular user and a premium artist?

    A premium artist has a premium star badge next to their selfie in their profile within French Girls.

    Purchasing a Premium Drawing

    How do I purchase a premium drawing?

    After taking a selfie, you are given the opportunity to purchase a premium drawing. Simply tap the 'Purchase Premium Drawing' button and authorize the purchase using your Apple ID.

    Can I purchase a premium drawing with another form of payment instead of my Apple ID?

    At this time, premium drawings may only be purchased using your Apple ID. This is subject to change in the future.

    Can I upload a selfie or select an existing selfie instead of taking a selfie when purchasing a premium drawing?

    At this time, premium drawings may only be purchased immediately after taking a selfie. This is subject to change in the future.

    I just purchased a premium drawing. What happens next?

    Your selfie is placed into a special pool of other premium selfies. A premium artist who is inspired by your selfie will select it amongst other premium selfies to draw. When they have submitted their drawing of your selfie, you will be notified like any other drawing.

    How long do I have to wait before receiving my premium drawing?

    It depends on the selfie taken and the time taken by the artist to complete the drawing. Some selfies are more inspiring that others. Additionally, each premium artist takes a different amount of time to complete a drawing. Typically, you will receive your drawing in about three (3) days but we ask that you wait up to seven (7) days before contacting support (

    What happens if I've waited seven (7) days and I still haven't received my premium drawing?

    You may contact support ( and ask for an update on the status of your premium drawing. If your selfie is not currently being drawn by a premium artist, we will credit your account with a free premium selfie and remove your old selfie so that it can be retaken.

    I've received my premium drawing, but I'm not happy with what I have purchased. I would like a refund.

    Please contact support ( if you would like a refund of your purchase. We would prefer to review every refund on a case-by-case basis so that we can make this feature better. If we agree that you should be refunded, we will credit your account with a free premium selfie. Additionally, you may apply for a refund through Apple's support system for in-app purchases by visiting

    My account has been credited with a free premium selfie. How do I use it?

    After you've taken a selfie, the 'Purchase Premium Drawing' button will say, 'Free!'. If you do not see this text, then the purchase will not be free. You may need to terminate French Girls (double-tap home, swipe to French Girls, swipe up) and reopen it for your credit to be registered.

    Premium Artists

    What is the role of a premium artist within French Girls?

    A premium artist is a user who has proven themselves as a top contributor to French Girls, both through their artistic ability and through their support of the community. From time to time, we will ask these users to test features, provide feedback, and participate in community events in order to support French Girls.

    How can I become a premium artist?

    If you would like to become a premium artist, please contact Adam directly ( He and other members of the French Girls team will review each user individually to determine if they would be a good fit as a premium artist.

    Are premium artists paid a portion of the revenue generated by premium drawing purchases?

    At this time, premium artists are not paid for premium drawings. Every premium drawing is a contribution to the French Girls community though the generosity of the premium artist. This is subject to change in the future.


    How does French Girls use the revenue generated by premium drawing purchases?

    After 30% of the purchase is paid to Apple for use of their in-app purchase system, the rest of the revenue goes to paying the server costs to keep French Girls running smoothly.

    What will happen to premium drawings with the introduction of commissioning?

    At this time, premium drawings will coexist with commissioning and will remain unchanged. This is subject to change in the future.

    Are premium drawings available in high resolution?

    Premium drawings are uploaded to our servers as high resolution images, but are not available for download. A high resolution image is saved to the premium artist's Camera Roll upon completion of a drawing.

    High resolution images will be used when ordering a print or other physical good when those features are available.

    Can I order a print of my premium drawing?

    Yes! But, not yet. In the very near future, we will offer the ability to order prints and other physical goods.

    I still have questions! Who do I contact?

    Please contact support ( with any additional questions.

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    I for one love premiums. It's cool knowing it'll be good but everything else is a surprise. What if every so often you could earn the ability to give another user a premium credit, either your favorite artist or someone with very inspiring pics.


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    Trying to figure out where I might find a PA selfie pool? Commission Control on the app perhaps? Thanks guys.


    • Checco
      Checco commented
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      Its just precedes the normal selfie pool.

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    When can non Premium artists get a high res save of their drawings? Or do we have to order prints? Will you guys do regular poster prints on say a 12x18 (most digital printers max size?)


    • Checco
      Checco commented
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      It was a response to Iamchu saying "I guess thats part of the plan...". I'm saying the resolution isn't based on printable or not printable but its based on storage and network. But now with vectors (which just got released) we threw the storage and network thing out the window for theoretically infinite resolution. If I remember correctly you get the same resolution saved to your device because the svg file would be completely useless without being properly interpreted.

    • Krish
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      How timely.

    • iamchu
      iamchu commented
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      Thank you! I figured that only premium where getting a high res file. So now we get vectors! Awesome, you guys are the best!