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How to Pose for a Selfie

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  • How to Pose for a Selfie

    Let me take a selfie....right? I was looking at a cosplayer's page on FB and saw this article- it seems really helpful! I saw in one thread people mentioning what they wished people would do in selfies.

    The article gives some good suggestions. But I was thinking, as a suggestion, maybe post some selfies as helpful hints as how to seem more appealing to artists? Like maybe a theme of "How To" and it could be fun to take an idea from a list and visually illustrate it.

    For instance, on this list there are things like good lighting. In the lower left corner of the selfie there could be a handwritten note saying "good lighting example" or whatever and the subject of the selfie is shown well lit. You can do this if you use the timer trick I mentioned in another thread.

    Sorry, I didn't think it out thoroughly and I didn't want to forget about it. Hope it makes sense!

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    this is a nice post, I think many would find it useful tho I find it easier to pose for a selfie with my canon camera,then my lousy ipad.unfortunately I have android as mobile and i have FG on my ipad mini. ipad camera sucks so no matter how cute I pose the light is never right I think :S


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      All great ideas! I'm going to make this my weekend project! 😄 I don't have many followers, but maybe some people will find it helpful.


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        thanks for tutor
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          Its like Bfore taking a selfie you need to see to it that it gets good litings , good background, and contrast, you also need a good pixel front cam, and the most of all is a jst perfect pose with different expressions.

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